Thursday, October 30, 2008


welcome all to my new blog!!!!

I have popped by today as my neice Hayley (Bless her) Has reminded that im a bit slow on the uptake in updating my blog as its been nearly 2 WHOLE months that i have written anything!

So here goes ..... im writting ..... lol Hayley ...She is amusing herself at the moment with my camera admiring herself!!!! I do hope that i will not be getting my photo done at this hour of the night! AS I REALLY DO LOOK AT MESS and in my case that is not hard!!!

So my update !! Well For all of you that know me i had a Beautiful Daughter in May this year ...Her name is Rochelle and she is exactly 24 weeks tomorrow and on Sunday just gone she was christened.

It was a Dull day of which thankfully it did not rain . All of my family came and many friends to celebrate with us.... Rochelle had 6 Godparents of Which was my niece Hayley which she says SHE IS THE BEST LOL of course there is no denying it she says as she grins ...and of course i know hayley will always look out for rochelle ... Sorry i have to tell what she has just said " Hence when the time comes when i pop me cloggs she is to get first dibbs on rochelle .... Good job i take all this in jest Bless her cottons....

Anyway Back to the christening... It was lovely i was so proud of my little girl, she didnt even cry when they blessed her with the water!!!! She was the star of the day ! All of her brothers were there with her too and im sure that her brother michael was the one that was very very proud of her ! Bless him he loves her to pieces.... We took lots and lots of photos and then afterwards family and friends celebrated with us at our local public house.... did'nt like to say pub cause that sounded so COMMEN.LOL.

All Rochelles godparents are lovely people and i know that one day if anything ever did happen to me or rochelles dad she would be in safe hands!!

Anyway moving on DURING THE WAR!!! NO ONLY JOKING!!!

Yesterday i went to visit my sister Mandy in her new home in maldon, its a lovely home, suits her to a T, mandy does like the country life and her home tells you that... what with all her card making stuff she does too, she is a natural oh and not forgetting her garden .... Only she could have a fresh blooming clematis growing away quite happily in this freezing cold weather, it was Beautiful. To End our day we took the kids to the promenade, we were blooming freezing but we had such a laugh, hayley did her usual photographs 80 of them to be percise, the view of the boats and the day drawing in for the evening to start was such a pleasant view, the kids had fun , so we had a lovely day and thankyou Mandy! Oh and not forgetting Terry poor sod i locked him out so he couldnt get in till we got back from the promenade..... bless him he didnt mind or he didnt let on he did anyway ... So Timothy please except my appologie......SORRY.

Well this is where i end for this evenning i hope you enjoy stopping by my blog! please feel free to comment and leave me your addys for your journals so i can drop by and say hello....

Goodnight to all ..... i will leave a few pics now for you all to see how much rochelle has grown , and many other pics of my last few days !!!!!

Oh and Not forgetting Happy halloween to all.....

NIGHT night!!!!!

kerryanne xx

Monday, September 1, 2008

My New Addition

Hi Everyone in J~Land....

Im so sorry that i havent been here for such a long time!!! But i am no longer with aol, and being a dipstick i didnt think i would be able to edit any more on my journal...Until tonight when my niece hayley told me i could, She said i was a Hands up i said i have to agree with you!

Anyway i just wanted to let everyone know that on the 16th of May i had a Cesearean Section, this was arranged previously as i could not bare the thought of anything going wrong with the baby! So my little girl was delivered around lunchtime weighing 6lb.8oz . she was beautiful it was a very tearful moment for me especially when she cryed as they lifted her out, it was tears of happiness knowing she was delivered safely and was fine!!! My niece and i are laughing now as i was just trying to work out how long it took before i gave her a name! LOL i searched books and internet and had friends and family helping with unusual names , everyday for 3 weeks i gave her a different name starting from tia ,allyssa,alice,roseanne,hallie,

finally the day came when i had to name her and at the registras office i was still unsure, in the end it was between roxanne and rochelle, the registra liked the name rochelle and as it had a meaning of rock, i went along with it, her middle names my sons chose which are Sherianne Mae, its a bit of a mouthfull for her rochelle sherianne mae but at least she wont have to use them all... she will kill me when she is older especially when i tell her i even thought of changing her first name again to alice... but any how i cant do that as she is getting to know her name..and because she is my rock it will stay. hence hayley my niece keeps telling me she wont even notice she is like a puppy they have so many names they dont take any thanks hayley .

so that is my news that i wanted to share with you all hope you like the photo above this is of rochelle today at 15 weeks old and here is a picture of her when she was born ....she is a beautiful baby cause she is mine and because she is hayleys are hayleys words) she is a bigger version of her sister laila so i am very lucky to now have the little girl i always wanted and to have my precious little angel in the sky that rochelle will keep her memories very alive.... i am a very very lucky mum to have all my children and my newest addition Rochelle.....xxxxx

this was rochelle given straight to me once weighed and wrapped up!!!!

Well that is my news !!! I hope and wish all of you are well and i look forward to being able to come back here, now i know i am no longer a dim witt and can pop by once in a

Bye for now kerryanne xxxx

Friday, February 1, 2008

The world of J~ Land Hello to all x

Hi everyone,

Here i am again just popping by while i stand a chance!lol Its quiet here in my home at the moment so ive Sneaked on The boys are watching television and the hubby is sleeping ~ So slap my wrist i grabbed the chance so here i am..........

Well as you are probably all wondering what happened with my scan and what is the baby Boy or Girl? Well here is the update!!!! All my children came to the scan aswell as my hubby , everything seems to be as it should be with measurements and everything that they check for! Which i was relieved about, then all my family came into see the baby on the screen, it was sweet to see their faces of amazement! Samuel my 4 yr old said WOW its your baby he had such delight in his face, While Michael my 7 year old  was more interested in what the baby was so i allowed him to ask~ we had all had a bet at home before hand and if it was a boy (which i thought) it would cost them  £5.00 other wise i would paying them if they were wrong!  To such shock the midwife said that it was a girl~ i was silent i could not believe it, samuel shouted oh no, while George was just taking everything in his stride and then hubby was like TOLD U SO !

Well from there i bought pics of the scan and then we headed back to the car ..... I was so shocked and pleased that my eyes must of seemed to others that i had been crying, and to a point i was with happiness , How unbelievable i finally had done it! it had taken me years lol to get the little girl i had always wanted~ But at the same time i was sad for my little girl that i did have Laila April, she was so tender and sweet and tiny and a perfect little face, if only she were here with me and my family to share this and of course have a sister with her! (that is hard to compute sometimes ) but the weeks have gone on and im started to enjoy more knowing that im nearer and nearer to meeting my second daughter and i cant wait.

And if by any chance the midwife got it wrong and its a boy well all i can say is that if a he then he will be the prettiest boy in essex in PINK. LOL I better had start buying some nuteral colours lol.... and of course have a couple of boy names in the background

But if all is well and is definitely a girl then i feel very privaliged and grateful to be her mum~ if a boy then i will still be a lucky mum to a five a side football team and i will love it just the same....

Other than that im tired and humungously huge~ and i have still till may~ Blimmey i dont think ill be able to walk by then lol.


As and when i sort out my new phone i will add the scan photo for all to see, until then hope all is well with everyone in j~land.


Hugs to allxxxxx



Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wishing everyone a happy new year 2008

Hi Everyone in Jay Land, Hope all is well and that you all had a lovely christmas!!!!!!!!

I wanted to pop by and wish you all a Happy new year for 2008.

I havent been here for sometime (what with being a busy mum and chores) i dont always get to go on the pc for long as we all share the computer in our house, of which can be

Well i do have some news of my own to share with all of you and that is im finally PREGNANT  again 19weeks, I have had plenty of scans and the baby is ok all measurements are fine for the stage (him or her) are at! The hospital have put me in the Low risk so i have chose not to go back to Kings hospital unless anything untoward is found on the scans (like they did when i was carrying Laila) I have all the normal signs of a normal pregnancy and i can actually feel this baby moving, which is a godsend as laila never made any movements at all.

It seems strange talking on here about it as for 2 months i kept it quiet from my boys and outside people,not even my friends down at the childrens school new, but it seems as though everything is going ok so i decided to tell you all my news on here too!

I am still somewhat worried cause no one knows what could happen! So everyday is a bonus and another day nearer to me meating this new little one. Im not sure of the sex of this baby yet as the last scan only showed the babys back (spine ) and the back of the head, this i did find extrememly strange as i have never seen a baby lying this way before but they say its ok so i will have to go along with that till my next scan which is in 10days time! As for what sex i would like i really dont care as long as its healthy and arrives safely into my world............ the baby is due the end of may 2008.

I think i may ask the sex though at the next scan as my hubby and the boys would like to know ..........i would love a surprise BUT what do i buy? i have no boys clothes just clothes that me and hayley bought when i was expecting laila..... im not sure if ill use them but we will see, thats if its a girl anyhow!

Well time is flying by on here and i need to sort out the boys so i will say good night to all and a big Happy New year to you all.

Thanks for popping by and reading. i hope it wasnt too boring for you


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our Holiday

Hi all you J~Landers

                                .th69967523GchqfL_ph.jpg image by Kerryanne73

Thought i would come back on maybe a happier Note than Last time.

Well i hope everyone is well and /or feeling a little better!

As i said in my last entry we went on Holiday!

Where was it you may all ask "well we went to Kessingland" Its in Essex ~

We had a Lovely time Just went for one week!

The weather was beautiful and it lasted the whole week, which was wonderful as we had the sun and the Beach for the boys  Great!!!

I have managed to do a slide show of some of my family pictures of our time there! some of the boys playing in the park, others of the beach, one of me with a Zoolu (if thats how its spelt) lol anyway that was at Africa life it was a Massive Zoo, the amount of room the animals had was amazing! (better than Colchester Zoo). There i go again waffling away! lol and there is another of my husband and the 3 boys on the way to the club in the evenning!            

Well i did do the slide show However im not sure how i get it onto here from photobucket!! So Sorry but as soon as i find out i will add here in this entry for all to see! Sorry im still learning on all this stuff .lol


Well I hope you like anyway.

Also in my entry this time i would like to say that sugars Tags (sugars shacks) are lovely they are very colourful, so go alone and have a see for yourselves!

                               thcloudyangel.jpg image by Kerryanne73

Its nearly 11 months on the 30th since my baby girl has been gone ~ Somewhat strange~ Went to see my councellor and she has said the same that how i reacted with my emotions after loosing another was quite normal as i was somehow protecting myself by blocking out the hurt and the guilt.

So soon i will start looking and maybe ordering a headstone for Laila as it will be a Year on the 30th September 2007.

Also School is back in one weeks time and my second eldest boy is off  to secondary school, which is scary! He did very well with his sats exams i was very proud of him as he tryed so hard and put so much effort into them that he won an award on his last day of his primary school for best effort ( but sadly didnt get to keep the award just has his name placed on it) But also won another for Best success in getting a level 4 regardless of his dissabilty.... So well done Son im proud of you!

                                  DSC00596.jpg image by Kerryanne73

Lastly my Youngest is starting school but will only go mornings till october as he is 4 and a half then.... so im going to be alone with no kids in my house all day soon! (boy i wont know what to do with me self) No doubt the housework will keep me busy and if it dont then ill occupy myself with my card making as ienjoy it alot but dont often get the

Well this was a better note for me to finnish on.

would like to say Congratulations to all for the J~ Land Anniversary.

sskj-landbears3.jpg image by Kerryanne73

Thanks Sugar for this lovely



Be Back Soon . Hugs to all xxxx


                          KerryAnne_gradwhtSST.jpg image by Kerryanne73

Thursday, August 16, 2007

hi everyone

Hi every one


Thought id drop a line and say hi!

I need to get stuff off my chest !  Here we go !

Well the summer hasnt been too bad i suppose! The kids are enjoying there time off school but i think they are now needing to go back to school .lol.

Right here i go.... im due to see my councellor but im going away again this weekend for a week with my family and will have to cancel my appointment, so im going to waffle on here!

Just before the boys broke up for their holidays i found out i was pregnant .... Strangely i showed no emotion to this other than the pure worry of what if it all goes wrong again!

Well i got to 7 weeks and was due to go for a scan on the 18th of july but on the 17th i had a scare, nothing to bad to expect of a miscarriage so thought it would maybe stop!

The day of the 18th i went for my scan and shockingly they could not find anything!  oh my god i thought could i of been imagining i was pregnant!

The test showed positive ! My consultant told me i was not imagining it, its just early and sometimes they dont show, plus my ovaries and the womb linning were doing everything they were suppose to be doing for a pregnancy!

So my consultant did another pregnancy test while i was there and sent me for a blood test to measure the level of the pregnancy hormone.

That evenning i waited for the telephone call i didnt know what to think, but knew in my heart this was the start of it to all go wrong!

The telephone rang and i grabbed at it waiting for the voice of a nurse i was gagging to know what was going on!

The nurse told me my pregnancy was positive but the level of hormones was not very high and that i would have to repeat the test in 2 days but i was definitely pregnant!  They also told me that if my levels of hormones were to rise but not enough then i would have to prepare myself for the fact it could be an eptopic.

They next few days were stressfull and i started to loose more, so i thought its got to be a miscarriage, so off i went to the hospital again for the blood test and awaited the phone call later that afternoon!

All i kept telling myself that ive probably miscarried by now. All my emotions about it though were so numb, i had visited lailas grave and i felt so guilty because she was not here with us un yet i would be bringing another baby here (that i'd hoped would get here) So everything i felt was real numb (how strange)

Anyway the phone rang and i got news that i was still pregnant but the levels had not risen and suffient amount and that this normally happens when a miscarriage is starting or an eptopic, and that i would have to repeat again another blood test on the tuesday!

so i got through that weekend and then on the monday i had to go into hospital as i felt quite unwell . They did the test again and i was told to go home and rest or i would have to stay in the hospital. So i came home and rested and the next morning i rang the hospital for the results!

To my suprise i was still pregnant! but was told that they would be scanning me on wednesday and that if my loss became painfull i should go to the hospital again!

Now i thought this is an eptopic then! All the worry of loosing one of my tubes i was stressed out me box! But the wednesday came and i was relived to say they found the pregnancy and the sac that it was in but i was miscarrying! Part of me was relived that it wasnt a eptopic as that would of lessened the chance of having or trying for another baby! And at the same time i felt sad, because another one had tried to get here and yet unfortunately didnt!

However i was due to go on holiday with my family and i went and had a lovely time and enjoyed every minute with the boys, they gave me lots of fun and laughter! But the one thing they wanted to do was go swimming and that was a no no cause i wasnt to go on holiday either, but my consultant relented and told me to be careful  but no swimming cause of infection and also that if i felt unwell in any way i was to go to the nearest hospital. So sorry boys but were off away on saturday so maybe we can go swimming this time!

As for my emotions they seem to be shattered and im numb from head to foot , Feel as though im on auto pilot doing what i am meant to be doing!Even with laila i feel so numb no emotion what so ever!

The night before last i lay in bed staring at her picture i have with me holding her hoping i would feel something but nothing im emptied out! Why i was overwhelmed with emotion for her i feel cruel to her!!!!


Well my day today has been shopping with the boys for last minute school things and stuff for our holday and then we went on to lailas grave so i could take fresh flowers and give it a tidy for her so that it still looks pretty!

And now im on here but must be off cause i have jobs waiting and the youngest needs to get ready for bed soon.

Hope i havent bored you all ! But i had to get it off me chest!

Well hope everyone is ok ! i think of you all but dont often get on the computer for long to come and browse, but hopefully will when the boys go back to school.


hugs kerryanne x

here ill leave you with a picture of my 3 boys dressed up for the club on holiday!


DSC00742.jpg my boys being image by Kerryanne73 dont they look funny lol. bless them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

biding time

Its been a long while since ive been here ! And somewhat hard in coming back !

Your all often in my thoughts! 

Wanted to say hi to everyone in j~land  !!!


Its been so long omg this is going to be a hard one!

My Family and i are well, we have been getting on with reality of being parents and trying to stay strong for the boys , there have been up and down days ! And Laila is always in our thoughts and of course the boys still mention her too.

She has definitley not been forgotten! we regulary go to the cemetary and take flowers and chimes and pretty garden ornaments to make her grave nice and pretty looking!!!

Its been 9 months since she has been gone and strangely enough i know she isnt here in person but she is with me (that sounds realy strange but i know what i mean) every night i say goodnight to her ! I go to sleep looking at the picture of me holding her in my arms so in a way she is still very close to me and im glad for that feeling!

My husbands daughter delivered her baby on friday she had a little boy! we visited them both in the hospital (that felt strange but i was ok and didnt feel in the slightest broody at this makes me laugh cause i say to myself how can i be maternal when im not to other babies that are not my one day maybe ill work that one out!

My sister is getting married on saturday and i wish her and terry the very best of a happy life together ~ she deserves to be happy~ So a big congrats mandy and terry will be thinking of you both and will see you the following week!!! (best get making your card now) .lol.

I do have some news and will share it with you all soon......

im going to close on that note!

I wish everyone well in j~land

I have enjoyed my short while on here again , just typing away not giving a care in the world!

Take care all xxxxxxxxhugs kerryanne xxxxxxxxxx